David Hiaett wrote me an email recently. 

When I say he wrote me an email, I mean of course I am one of the thousands of adoring fans who are signed up to his brilliant newsletters. My wife tells me I have a 'fan girl crush' (whatever that is).

This particular email struck a chord even more so than usual. Because in it he called out the great misconception the startup world has about growth:

Right on David. Right on.

So what's the answer?

Well to be honest he has lots of answers (happy to forward his email if you're curious).

But one of the biggies centres around our ability to do focussed work. Free from distraction, free from hurry.

And the importance of placing ourselves in environments where that will be possible.

He gives 6 pointers on how to create this culture of 'Deep Work'.

Here’s No. 3:


But he’s got a point right?

Running a business can be exceptionally stressful. So the last thing you need from your workspace is more stress and distraction added on top. You need somewhere relaxed, calm and with an industrious atmosphere. Somewhere you can do a deep dive into your work and really motor through it. 

Coworking is very much 'horses for courses'. 

There are those who want to run at 100 miles per hour. 

Who want their coworking space to feel like a nightclub.

Who wish there was a neon sign on every wall.

 I don’t need to mention names, but there is a certain globo-coworking giant that will be more than happy to cater to that need.

But then again there are those who want to work smarter not longer. 

Who want to run their business, not let their business run them.

Who want to eliminate 'busy' from their lives. 

Who want to step through the door and feel a sense of calm.

Our goal is to cater to that person.