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What's included?

  • Mail collection

  • 25% off meeting rooms

Our virtual office membership provides you with a prime mailing address and the option to register your business with us if you chose. We will email you every two weeks to let you know if we’re holding items for you, and the monthly rolling contract means you can cancel at the drop of a hat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many items of post can I get delivered to the address?

As much as you like.

What's the contract flexibility?

It's a monthly rolling contract. So for example if you wanted to terminate at the end of March, you would need to give us notice by 28th February.

Can I register my business there with Companies House?

Yes registered address is included in membership.

Can I have more than one business registered to the address?

We charge a small sum for each additional business on top of your primary one.

Do you receive parcels and for how long do you hold onto them?

We do accept delivery of parcels and boxes. But if the item delivered won't fit in your pigeon hole we only hold onto it for two weeks.

When can I come and collect my post?

Whenever you like in regular working ours (9am-5pm). If we are holding larger parcels for you we will need advance warning though as we keep these locked away in storage.

Do I need insurance?

All coworking and virtual office members are encouraged to get their own contents insurance as we do not directly cover your items ourselves.