Well hello there!

When launching ‘A Community Of Curious Folk’ we asked ourselves a question:

What on earth is the point of this newsletter?

A good question.

It’s a busy old world out there and your time is valuable. Last year alone a whopping 340,401,755,324 emails were sent using Mailchimp. Why one more thing to have to catch up on and pretend you're going to read at some point?

Well, we’re passionate about what it looks like to be your most creative and to enjoy your work to the full.

So, to that effect, every two weeks we’ll be sharing inspiration we’ve come across from the big wide world. We’ll also occasionally share news and special offers from our own little tribe here in London.

We hope you enjoy.


PS - if you unsubscribe we understand and still love you. We promise not to take it personally and to avoid all social awkwardness if/when we bump into each other.